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Oriental & Persian Carpet Cleaning & Repair Experts

Why Choose Us?

At James Barclay Oriental Carpets we pride ourselves on having a team of experts with over 75 years of experience in the cleaning & repairing of old, modern & contemporary rugs.

We're very proud to say that we're members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. This organisation uses the most rigorous selection procedures to pick its members, and we believe this is testament to the time we spend researching and perfecting our skills and techniques.

Our intention is to get right to the heart of the rug, cleansing each and every fibre with carefully-honed techniques that are thorough yet careful. It's crucial that you reach the very roots when cleaning. More basic methods may remove the more obvious stains and grime, but unless you can get to the fibres themselves, you're literally just scratching the surface of the dirt. If not removed, particles can cut right into the fibres themselves, shredding them and damaging the carpet in the process. Allowing dirt to be continually walked in to the rug, over time the yarns will fall out and the colour will fade or disappear. Our cleaning & stain removal is all done by hand.

The drying process is just as important, and we have special techniques that extract all excess moisture, but that won't affect the colour or the material, or stretch the carpet out of shape. Rugs are at their most vulnerable when they're damp. If they take too long to dry out, mildew and mould can form, perhaps damaging the carpet, and undoubtedly increasing its odour. A rug that has been dried by us is one that will remain fresh and fragrant.

Our Happy Clients

  • We are extremely pleased with the cleaning of our blue silk rug. It has been restored to its former glory. The service we received from your company, James Barclay, has been professional and courteous and the restorers are to be commended. The delivery company collected and returned the carpet on the due dates and would not leave until they were sure we were satisfied, which we are. We would not hesitate to recommend you. Many thanks.

    Mr & Mrs Jones. Cheltenham

  • I was lucky to come across your advertisement in the Times. Your meticulous workmanship and attention to restoring my rugs to their original state 50-100 years ago. They always were a pleasure to have.

    Harry Sparks - Cornwall

  • I sent you my antique Hamadan rug which was suffering badly from 4 generations of family use. Not to mention numerous cats and dogs and their damage. You have returned Invisibly mended, and the colours jewel bright once again.. i'm absolutely delighted! Thank you very much for you skill and attention to detail. It will look good for another 100 years.

    R.P.N - Eastbourne

  • Polite people, great service, would use this firm again.

    Mark T – Earls Court

  • James Barclays came and uplifted our rugs for cleaning, we were pleased to see they were fully insured. The carpets were returned, looking lovely and clean.

    George and Susan – Newbury

  • I have used James Barclay on two occasions for cleaning my Persian rugs. I would recommend them.

    Mrs. Melissa Armstrong – Central London

  • Our rugs were badly moth damaged. James Barclay not only removed the moth but restored all the damage too. Recommended.

    Mr. & Mrs. Steele – Surrey

  • This company cleaned and repaired my much loved rugs, can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Mr. Charles Black – Chelsea

  • I was very happy with James Barclay, they beautifully repaired three holes on my old Caucasian rug. Also managed to remove some nasty stains.

    Mary - Epsom

Many of our customers have come to us with rugs that have been hit by fire or by flood. In many cases, we've been able to rescue these treasures, and restore them to their full vitality. We can breathe new life into carpets that haven't been cleaned in years. And, if you already have your carpets regularly serviced, we can make sure they get their deepest yet gentlest wash yet, allowing them to last longer while also keeping your house as fresh and bacteria-free as possible.

Should the intricate interlacing of warp and weft, the carpet's skeleton, appear to be damaged, we can rebuild that too. And we can tighten and tidy up fringes and side cords, ensuring that the structure remains strong at all times. These are the sorts of detail that can often add a new lease of life to a rug that might otherwise have been in danger of unravelling.

All of our customers will get the benefit of our rapid response same day uplift. We'll come to your house and take up the carpet for you. Once the work has been done, we'll return and make sure everything is back in place. Our highly-trained staff knows exactly how to transport carpets, so your pride and joy will be protected from the moment it leaves your house, to the second it's back in its rightful position. Our service covers the entire country, so refreshing rehabilitation for your rug is never more than a few hours away.

At James Barclay Oriental Carpets we can ensure your rug's beauty doesn't drop away, or disappear under a patina of pollutants. But we can do far more than that, restoring the extravagant designs and colours that may appear to have been lost. Where the delicate acidic bonds that hold the dyes in place have been corroded, causing the colours to run, we can restore that balance. And we can then reverse the effects, bringing back the original hues and tints. We can also patch and reweave damaged carpets, fixing holes and tears, and rebuilding large segments of rug - even when much of the original design may have already been destroyed.