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How to decorate a room to make the most of your Persian rug

14 November 2014


 November 14, 2014

You may be considering investing in a Persian rug but be worried about whether it will look right in your room. They look great in a traditional Asian or colonial decor, of course, but a beautiful rug can be matched with almost any decorative style. Here we look at a few modern approaches that can work particularly well.

Decorate the room to show off your rug

A Persian rug is a great focal point for a modern room. Modern, minimalist decor can create a cool, uncluttered feel, and a luxurious oriental rug warms it up considerably. If you really want to show off your rug, consider using predominantly white in the room, including on walls and furniture. A traditionally patterned Persian rug design dominated by reds and blues will stand out even more if you paint the walls a pale charcoal.

P.s there are some great tips on decorating here http://welliguessthisisgrowingup.co.uk/2014/10/19/joes-beginners-guide-to-diy-tools-products/

Create a cosy feel with wood

Predominantly red Persian rugs look fantastic with wood-panelled walls, bare floorboards and neutral hued furnishings. Add a sense of history to a room with a cosy cabin feel or warm up your polished hardwood kitchen floor by adding a sumptuously patterned Persian rug. It’s also a classy way to hide the odd stain.

Break up a large open-plan space

Persian rugs are also great for loft living, and coordinate beautifully with bare bricks and natural floorboards. If you have a large, multipurpose room to decorate, a Persian rug is a great way to break up a huge expanse of floor. Place the rug strategically in one of the spaces you want to define – a sofa seating area, for example, to distinguish it from the rest of the room.

Express yourself

Create a more Bohemian vibe with those minimalist white, cream or grey walls by adding ornate antiques or scrolled ironwork furniture and vibrant patterned soft furnishings featuring colours that tone beautifully with your Persian rug. With a mostly red and blue traditional rug design, for example, and grey walls, a pink, orange and blueish grey floral fabric on cushions, curtains and throws will tie the whole thing together and boost the impression of warmth.

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