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Oriental & Persian Rugs Insurance Claims

We at James Barclay Oriental Carpets deal with all the leading insurance companies and offer the following in the event of a claim.

A treasured carpet often means more to us than a mere price tag. Unfortunately, too many of us leave damaged carpets untreated for too long, allowing the rug to unravel and disintegrate to the point where its beauty is lost. What most carpet owners don’t realise, though, is that any damage to their flooring could be covered by their household insurance policy. Depending on the cause and nature of the damage, it might be possible to secure your rug’s well-being without it costing you a penny extra – and fixing the damage now could prevent a much larger bill from coming along later.

Here at James Barclay Oriental, we have many years of experience of dealing with all of the leading insurance companies. If your policy covers you for the damage to your flooring, we have the skills and expertise needed to nurse your carpet back to full health.

Fire and flood damaged Carpets & Rugs

These events are almost invariably highly traumatic, but, in the case of your prized carpets, there’s no reason why the damage should be permanent. Here are some of the ways in which we may be able to help you:

Flood & Water Damaged drying techniques and reshaping – We use only the most effective methods to extract all moisture from carpets, and we’ll use all of our expertise and experience to pick a temperature that’s exactly right for your rug. It’s always important to get the drying process right, but the situation is particularly critical when it comes to flood-drenched carpets. If you hang heavy water-sodden rugs out to dry, the extra weight will tend to stretch them out of shape. Our drying process ensures that rugs in our care will never be stretched. Indeed, where the shape has already been distorted, we’ll work to restore it to its original size and proportions.

Thorough but gentle hand-washing that removes black water, soot deposits, and fire odours – Our staff will clean your rug by hand, using techniques that get right to the roots of the carpet fibres, clearing them of all dirt build-up while leaving the actual fibres strengthened and reinforced. During this process, we’ll rid flood-hit rugs of the effect of ‘black water’, while all soot deposits will be removed from flame-scarred carpets. At the same time, we’ll act to kill off any bacteria that may be lodged deep in the fibres, and fire odours will be eradicated.

Colour run restoration – Carpets and rugs are created through a complex network of ravishing dyes, held in place by an acidic salt bond. But the bond’s delicate composition is easily dissolved when alkaline water is introduced, causing the coloured dyes to run and destroy the rich artwork. In the event of flooding, it’s often impossible to prevent drastic colour runs. Luckily, we can restore the vital acidic bond, and can then look to reverse the damage, restoring outlines and bringing back the original detail.

Burns, holes, tears and other damaged areas repaired and restored to their former glory – Fire is perhaps the most destructive force on earth, but even severe burning doesn’t have to mean the end of your rug. Our skilled team can reweave and patch your carpet, fixing holes and tears, and sometimes rebuilding even vast areas from relatively small surviving fragments. Let us see the damage, and we’ll tell you what we can do for you.

Pet and insect damage

We don’t just come to the rescue for fire and flood claims. If your carpets have been accidentally damaged by house-pets or insects, your policy may cover the cost of repair here, too. Dogs, cats, and other pets can cause untold damage to delicate carpets. From urine staining, to holes and tears that result from chewing or gnawing, we can almost certainly repair the damage, reweaving designs, and eradicating blemishes and stains. We can also destroy the bacteria that cause odours, removing all traces of your pet’s misdeeds. We can also deal with insect infestations. We’re often called upon to fix damage caused by carpet moths. In truth, it’s the larvae of these moths that wreak the real havoc, and these gangs of grubs chomp and chew their way through the fibres of your carpet, weakening the structure, and destroying the look and feel of the rug. Female moths can lay several hundred eggs in one go, and a few weeks can see your carpet deteriorating very significantly. We can restore the design of your carpet and strengthen its structure, reweaving holes and repairing the pile for you. At the same time, we can eradicate the moths and their larvae from your carpet, stopping further damage in its tracks.

Replacement valuations

We don’t just clean and repair. We can also use our expertise to place a realistic and unbiased valuation on your carpet. We’ll take into full account the condition of the rug, as well as the current state of the market. And we promise to be totally impartial. This valuation can be used for insurance purposes, as well as a guide to the carpet’s worth.

Rapid response same day uplift – Nationwide

You don’t need to worry about getting your carpet to us. We’ll come out and uplift it for you. We’ll take care of everything, from moving the furniture and storage, right down to getting it back in place for you. And we can do this extremely quickly, thanks to your same day uplift service. We cover addresses right the way across the country, so no matter where you are, we should be able to collect, repair, and then return your carpet – with an absolute minimum of inconvenience to you.


Check the small print on your insurance policy – Always insist on the experts!

Different policies vary enormously, so you must consult your policy to see exactly what you are and aren’t entitled to.

Some insurance companies will insist that you use their preferred supplier, or accept a reduced amount instead. However, they aren’t allowed to do this, so insist on your rights. We can offer you a comprehensive but caring service, and we’ll use every ounce of our expertise and experience to restore your carpet to its former glory.