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How can one put a value on history?

27 January 2015


 January 27, 2015
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Gauging the value of history is an almost impossible task; born from a deep passion for knowing and understanding ourselves, history has long been the lifeblood and habit of modern society – from family tradition to national tradition and on further to the ubiquitous intrigue that surrounds our beginnings – both in terms of personal ancestry and genetic evolution.

Items born from history therefore hold a particular sentimental value – a Persian Rug might be valuable in more than just finance, and the historical value far outweighs the numerical value in any case; indeed, there is no greater representation of Persian culture, with carpet-weaving undoubtedly being one of their most well-known forms of artistic expression.

By virtue of their history, even the simplest Persian rug can therefore represent generation upon generation, and centuries of a Middle-Eastern dynastic empire – with it being estimated that the first form of the art occurred around 2500 years ago.

Perhaps the best reason for the value of the Persian rug lies in its tangible, consistent and still relevant demonstration of the art; given the passage of time, early examples of Persian Rugs have disappeared into memory and into the passing down of a traditional trade.

The Persian Rug, as it is now, therefore forms the bridge between modern Iran and the Persian Empire that it used to be, with each weaver and each newly exported rug harking back to a time long-gone. In the same way that mosaics and pottery – and their modern counterparts – have stood the test of time as reminder of Ancient Greek and Roman civilisation, so too does the Persian Rug stand the test of time as reminder of an Ancient Middle-Eastern Empire which was instrumental in the forming of the modern age.

Perhaps most of all: each item that passes down from hand to hand reflects the legacy left behind by those who came before. The value of history cannot be gauged, perhaps, because it simply outweighs any corporeal thing or feeling that we could imagine…






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