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Who realised Persian rugs have inspired so many household items?

15 November 2014


 November 15, 2014
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The intricate and vibrant designs of Persian rugs have provided a source of inspiration to all kinds of artists and creative people throughout history: from those in other countries who simply sought to produce rugs of a similar beauty and quality, to people who were inspired by the motifs and designs on the rugs to try to reinterpret them in other kinds of textiles. People reinterpreted them in painting and mosaic forms, and even (like the American composer Morton Feldman) in musical form! However, the influence of these breathtakingly beautiful rugs has not been confined to the rarefied world of the arts; they have also provided inspiration for many items that we might find around the home.

Today, we only need to look around many homes to realise that the colours, textures and motifs of the Persian rug have inspired and influenced the design of a great many of our everyday household items. Not surprisingly, the fascinating and richly varied patterns to be found on all kinds of oriental rugs have found their way onto wallpaper designs and fabrics which are used for curtains and drapes, as well as upholstery for sofas and chairs. For rooms where rich and colourful wallpaper, upholstery and curtains might prove overwhelming, smaller textile touches such as cushion covers featuring traditional rug motifs can still be used to create a striking effect. Persian rug designs have even influenced bathroom towels, as well as providing the inspiration for more lightweight fabrics, such as those suitable for clothing.

While it is hardly surprising that these rugs should offer a rich seam of inspiration to the world of textiles, their influence does not stop there. It is also possible to buy a wide variety of ceramics, from cups and plates for everyday use to decorative bowls and vases which feature the lovely Persian designs. The popularity of oriental rug designs is so great that it is even possible to find such items as mouse mats and coasters which take their inspiration from them. If you are buying a mouse mat or coaster set as a gift for someone, why not present it to them wrapped up in pretty Persian rug inspired wrapping paper?

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