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Why repairing your Persian rug is an emergency

14 November 2014


 November 14, 2014
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Persian carpets are made to last and age beautifully with time. As well as their inherent beauty, Persian rugs are valued for the handcrafted skill, patience and dedication that it takes to produce each one and is what makes every rug unique. Persian rugs are durable and resilient to lots of use as well as accidental abuse, but they do need looking after. A Persian rug is a valuable asset and one that will go on increasing in value so regular and careful cleaning is essential to protect it and keep your rug looking its best. Checking your rug for damage is also recommended and if you do find something that needs attention, no matter how slight, don’t be tempted to put off getting it repaired.

A tiny hole will only get worse if ignored, especially if your rug is on the floor and gets a lot of traffic. Shoes can work small particles of dirt into the rug and if there’s a weak spot, the edges of the hole will weaken further and the hole become bigger. Check the whole rug, including the ends and corners, for small burns, moth damage or other general wear and tear and if you see something, make sure you have the damage repaired by a specialist. DIY repairs to Persian rugs are tempting, however, inexpert repairs to your rug can prove even more costly in the end. A trained eye will always spot inferior repairs and this will reduce the value of the rug considerably.

A specialist Persian rug repairer can rebuild corners and ends and can build in new warps and weft foundations. New Persian wool can only be knotted in by someone who understands the structure of the special weaving in a genuine rug. The skill required to re-weave a hole is complex and should not to be entrusted to someone who does general carpet repairs but is not a trained weaver. If the repair is done properly, it should be near-impossible to spot. Done badly, and the botched repair will detract from the beauty and value of your rug.

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